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I am Oud.

If you had never tested an Oud perfume before this one, you will judge that it does not at all have the image of an Oud perfume that you are given.

On the contrary, if you have already tested Oud perfumes and are advancing on the path of high quality perfumes, you will judge this perfume as a masterpiece.

Without even an additional ingredient, this 100% Oud perfume spray represents in itself the beauty that hides in Southeast Asia.

Imagine an injured tree in the middle of the Trat forest in Thailand caused by a storm or a thunderclap.

This same tree defends itself and creates through its trunk a darker wood than the rest. This same wood is now soaked in oil.

These pieces of wood soaked in oil very rarely visible to the naked eye will be used at low temperature to be distilled to create an oil.

A perfect oil. An oil that needs nothing else but itself.

A top note, a heart note and a base note already present.

A perfect aromatic fusion: woody, creamy and fruity.

I feel Thailand through this perfume, I feel my scooter rides in Trat near the Cambodian borders, in short, I feel serenity.

An extraordinary olfactory experience.

100% Natural.

Gift: oil sample + Trat triple super oud wood.

Available on our website (link in bio ⬆️)

Very limited quantity.


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