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ATAY - 30ml

ATAY - 30ml

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ATAY , « Thé à la menthe »

Extrait de Parfum



In the Maghreb, mint tea is often a male affair, generally prepared by the head of the family.

The basis of mint tea is green tea called “gunpowder”.

The drink is made from green tea and a bunch of fresh spearmint, with a few lumps of lingot sugar. The teapot is first boiled. The tea is then added to it and “cleaned” by adding a small quantity of boiling water to it, discarding it after leaving it in the teapot for a minute.

After adding the sugar and mint, fill the teapot with boiling water and leave to infuse for two to three minutes.

A glass is then filled two to three times and immediately poured back into the teapot, so as to oxygenate the water and give more flavor to the infusion. It is then a matter of periodically tasting the tea in a glass, to determine when the infusion is perfectly carried out.

Today, the infusion is ready and it is through this perfume created by Brahim Mohamed that you will travel to northern Africa where an "Atay" is offered and never refused.




Top notes

Green and slightly lemony notes of green tea leaves blended with intense floral notes of neroli and orange blossom water mixed with smoky notes & natural indian vetiver.

Heart notes

The invigorating freshness of barely cut Nanah mint leaves mixed with notes of bitter almond, bewitching and addictive.

Base note

A vanilla and subtly milky, warm and comforting base blended with a creamy Thai Oud oil from the Trat region.



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