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Amber Me

Amber Me

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Amber Me


In February 2023 we released “Musk Have”, a musky, animal and spicy fragrance. SOLD OUT

In August 2023 the release of “Oud I Am”, a 100% Natural Oud perfume from Thailand, had the same success. SOLD OUT

Today I have the honor to present “Amber Me”.

The quintessence of amber in several forms. A sweetie and leathery amber base from the Cistus Labdanum flower. A Cistus Labdanum completely different from the one I'm used to using. Yes I like cistus labdanum.

I found the best mandarin in Italy, juicy and sweet, from a Tuscan partner.

Ambergris was used in order to discover it and understand that an animal note is present and under the radar in order to highlight it as much as possible.

"In perfumery, it is ambergris that interests perfumers. To the naked eye, the stone of Ambergris is not very beautiful, it is grayish, light and reminiscent of a pumice stone. It is however a very rich and very rare material. Ambergris comes from the sperm whale. calculation" that the sperm whale expels by natural means when it has eaten too many octopuses and squid. Carried by the currents, the amber stones, then in the form of blocks, will wash up on the deserted coasts of New Zealand. , from Madagascar or from the United Kingdom."

To finalize this simple but complex composition, I added Neroli and orange blossom water to accompany the citrus note.

Added sweet and creamy almond as top notes to add a slight note of gourmand.

3 perfumes released into the open with the base: Musk, Oud, Amber

This is my vision. My perception of artisanal, natural and independent perfumery.

Brahim Mohamed


Head notes: Almond, Neroli, Orange tree Flower water

Heart notes: Ambergris, Sicilian mandarin

Base notes: Amber, Leather


30ml (The bottle can contain between 28 and 30 ml sometimes)

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