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In a remarkable article, Roger Bastide pointed out that “color is neutral” and that “it is our mind that gives it meaning.”

Akhdar (أخضر) in Arabic means "green", "verdant".

This color is the color of vegetation. The favorite color of Brahim Mohamed. 

I wanted to describe my favorite color in perfume, something new at Mabra.

I used 100% plant-based materials that come from the earth, from global vegetation.

Vetiver from Haiti and India, El Salvador balsam, Moroccan Atlas cedar, Italian bergamot, French hemp, Grasse mint and Asian green tea. Patchouli from Sri Lanka, Amyris from India, Black incense from Africa and Cistus Labdanum from the south of France.

A colorful fragrance, a green and fresh fragrance at the opening, earthy and rich in heart notes then aromatic in base notes. FERNY fragrance.

Already a classic. 

Head notes: Bergamot from Italy, Hemp, Indian Vetiver, Haitian vetiver

Heart notes: Mint, Green tea, Atlas cedar, Amyris

Base notes: Balsam, Patchouli, Indian Vetiver, Black incense, Cistus Labdanum

30ml (The bottle can contain between 28 and 30 ml sometimes) 

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